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[28 Dec 2004|11:31pm]
okay, so christmas was cool. i must say that i havent really felt the holiday spirit and i have no clue why. maybe the fact that im getting older takes away the thrl of getting some new toys every year. anyways, i did get a few cool things... but i dont think thats whats important about this time of year (im so mature).

stuffed macaroni was absolutely amazing. the ham on christmas eve was pretty good too, but nothing compared to that pasta. thats all there is to say about food.

wow, this livejournal really bored me now. im gonna stop typing

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ho ho ho [27 Dec 2004|12:22pm]
alrighty, so christmas was cool i guess. i didnt get anything major, but i made out okay. seinfeld dvd's and a poker set top the list.

95.7 on el report card. that should look nice on midyear reports.

desire to write is nil... so long.

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sure, that makes sense [03 Dec 2004|08:51pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

hmm, i dont do YOUR work for you, so you get pissed off. makes perfect sense. i give you my paper, your rip me off. if i didnt annoy you everyday, you would have fucked me over and let me go down for cheating. what shall i say to that? well, maybe you and i can arrange to get together after school. i'll pull down my pants, and you can kiss my ass. sound good? now you have an F on the paper, youre failing the class, yet its my fault. perhaps if you stopped smoking and started reading, these things wouldnt happen. sure i feel bad that youre bombing english now, but i wasnt gonna go down because you didnt feel like working. oh yeah, if youre smart, you wont fuck with me either, you little pothead bitch. some people need to wake the fuck up.

i got an a- on my term paper. no, let me rephrase that. by doing my own work, i earned an a- on my term paper, which, by the way, i wrote entirely on my own.

yes, that felt good.

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holy guacamole [30 Nov 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

damn, i havent updated this junk in a ho-giliion years. i bet my bottom holy card that all you non-readers out there have been itching for a new entry. well, today is the day.

ok, so my last update was nov 7 or something? i guess the only real news between then and thanksgiving deals with school-related stuff. i got a 630 on the SAT2 in math. it was actually really easy at the beginning, but the end was insane. im pretty sure i lost all my points in the lat half of the test. on the 23 i handed in my 10-pg paper on themes and styles of henrik ibsen. my first term paper ever! hooty hoo. it really wasn't fun, but i will say this: despite the fact that the topic was boring, it was a good experience. i'm now a step ahead of most people as far as writing papers is concerned, so that should make college that much easier. i sat in a library for 10 hrs too, and i guess that means im ready to hunker down and finish work like a prudent student does. the real meat n potatoes of this entry concerns thanksgiving weekend... and oh, i am thankful.

so i come home from school on wednesday. i hang out for a while, then i hear the wonderful news that my cousin anthony landed from florida. nice. i head into queens to stay at grandma's house since he and my aunt and uncle were there too. we wound up heading to marino's for pizza (i had the baked ziti pizza, its awesome). after that, we went back to the house and just hung out for the rest of the night. we actually sat outside on the porch and fell asleep in the rocking swing for a while. grandma had to come outside and wake us up to come inside. we slept and thanksgiving was soon upon us.

thanksgiving day was odd. why? well, for one thing, anthony and i were together. whenever that's the case, odd things just happen. second, we had white castle for lunch on turkey day. who would do that? apparently some other people were as dumb as us, since the white castle on bell blvd was fairly busy for a holiday. of course before we went to the home of the "crave crate," we searched around the area close to our house for some grub. marinos was closed, and that's understandable. we continued our quest for nourishment, and scared a chinese man on the way. we were originally just walking behind him until we realized that our pace was much quicker. before we knew it, we were 3 feet behind him and he couldnt stop looking back at us. what would give him the crazy idea that we were threats? maybe our devilishly handsome looks and diesel muscles? nah, maybe just that we were following him exactly 3 steps back for 4 blocks. anyways, what blew our minds was that mcdonald's was shut down at 12. it's a fast food place... gimme a break. they should be open around the clock. anyways, we were walking the entire distance, so naturally we were thirsty. we paid a visit to the gas station on francis lewis and snagged a few powerades. good stuff. at least we walked home and decided white castle was the way to go. we ate, came home, and raked leaves. awesome.

everyone started arriving at grandma's, yay. bobby, anthony, jonathan, richie and i all played some street football, then jacqui and elizabeth joined in for some wiffle ball. it was awesome having everyone together again for a holiday. we havent had that for a really long time. needless to say, the food was great. nuff said.

that night, aunt jeannie dared anthony and i to get 20 pumpkins in 10 minutes. we retrieved 25 in 13, so we didnt get the $20 each that she promised us. i guess the bright side for the people whose pumpkins we stole is that they were rotting anyway. we did them a favor. anyways, a few of the rotten ones messed up the floor of the minivan, so once we violently dumped the pumpkins near bowne park, we went looking for some carpet cleaner. eventually we spotted an opened cvs and wiped up our mess. that was some funny stuff.

friday was fun too. anthony and i rode the lirr into penn station and walked up to fao schwartz. im guessing the walk there was about a mile and a half. on the way, we passed times sq and some black dudes scamming tourists out of money. long story short... it was funny only because we donated nothing.

after fao (which was hell- i told a store worker to shut up and she actually heard me, which is amazing in itself), we started back for penn. once we hit about 46th, we got a call from uncle bob, saying he'd pick us up. awesome? well, sorta. in order for this to happen, we had to turn around and go back up to 53rd. total walking distance for the day? about 3.5 miles.

we all went out for chinese buffet at some place in merrick, then anthony, karen and i slept over his aunt kim's. it was fun messing around with all the kids. overall, this weekend gets a 97 out of 10 rating.

on sunday i finished all my applications and handed them in on monday. petruccio gave me crap about my schools because there's no clear-cut "safety," but he's a bum anyway, so i dont care. the final list is as follows, in rough order of my preference: vanderbilt, wake forest, duke, unc chapel hill, georgetown, richmond.

damn, i love the holidays. God bless.

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STOP... it's dizzle time [07 Nov 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]

alright, the 4 day week was awesome. i had a few quizzes, but they were easy from what i can remember. the weekend has actually brought some less than awesome results. SAT2 was hard as hell, and this term paper is a major pimple on the ass of fun. not to mention i have application essays to write. boo.

jets lost, wtf? giants are winning right now, hopefully they beat the bad news bears. i need hockey. now.

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STOP... it's dizzle time [07 Nov 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]

alright, the 4 day week was awesome. i had a few quizzes, but they were easy from what i can remember. the weekend has actually brought some less than awesome results. SAT2 was hard as hell, and this term paper is a major pimple on the ass of fun. not to mention i have application essays to write. boo.

jets lost, wtf? giants are winning right now, hopefully they beat the bad news bears. i need hockey. now.

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so busy [03 Nov 2004|07:47pm]
[ mood | tired ]

senior year has been my busiest academic year to date. applications, term paper, general hw and projects... bah.
i spent a few days at the hofstra library this weekend. this henrik ibsen research hasnt been as bad as i thought it would be, but i still wish i didnt have to do it. once i was actually in the library and working, time flew and i didnt notice how long i was sitting there taking notes. i guess this means im ready for some intense college research action, but who knows?
i really hope to God that i get into Vanderbilt. that would be sexy. as soon as i have a day off, i'll be writing some bomb-ass essays for apps. should be fun.
i must admit that i was worried kerry would steal this election. MTVs horrible attempt to draw young voters to the polls didnt work. the sick lunge at getting kerry extra votes was an utter failure, and i thank heaven for it. if kerry was elected, we'd be in for some rough times, but whatever.

im out for now... word

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time to start kicking ass [21 Oct 2004|06:35pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

apparently i've been so busy lately that i've neglected my wonderful LJ. Ha, no one reads this anyway, so what does it matter? well, its October 21. This is a bad sign. Why? several reasons. I have to start college applications. Ive been saying this since August, but have I acted upon it? OF COURSE NOT! do you think i'm some sort of motivated student? well I'm not. bah. oh yeah, i have a 10 page paper on themes and techniques of Henrik Ibsen. seriously, how sexy is that? i dont think nade could have assigned this paper at a better time. applications, SAT 2s, other garbage... highly inconvenient.

tomorrow is Oct 22. of course YOU dont care, but I get my SAT score back from the 9th. i'm praying for a 1400, but whatever.

um, chaminade sucks. may 11 will be a glorious day.

fare the well... i'm off to maddenize

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it's been a while, but whatever [15 Oct 2004|11:56pm]
as i predicted, the weeks of school have been passing quickly. May 11 is inching closer... I CANT WAIT. surprisingly, i havent bombed a test yet. I usually bomb 1 at the beginning of the year, but hey, if its not in the card this time, so be it... i cant complain if i'm doing well.

we were assigned our term papers this week. who the hell is Henrik Ibsen??? that's not gonna be fun.

um... i have to start apps. yeah college education.

i'm tired and my bed is calling... peace

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[30 Sep 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | blah ]

chaminade? gay

this week actually flew. tomorrow should be an easy day, so i'm glad about that. of course next week is gonna be a major pain in the ass. im jammed up from monday to thursday, then SAT saturday. whatever.

yeah, i dont feel like typing anymore. peace

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[22 Sep 2004|08:35pm]
[ mood | woo WOO ]

so far the week has been smooth. we started teaching PREP on tuesday, and i actually think i'll have a great year. the class is a good group of kids, and most of them seem willing to learn. hopefully i can come up with some creative activities to keep them happy throughout the year.

a few things happened today that burned my biscuit. first, bro george mysteriously goes on retreat without letting us know. next, he leaves a vague assignment with the substitute about writing an essay or something. bro rob then decides we cant use our notebooks, even though this isnt mentioned in georgie's little assignment sheet. anyways, if that thing is getting graded, im pretty sure i'll get a 2.
second, i remembered i have an essay due next wednesday. i'll DEFINITELY do a college app essay this time. i need to start those damn things.

college night was last night. it was a total waste of my time that should have been spent playing madden.

math test tomorrow... eh. should be easy, but knowing myself, i'll screw something up.

oh man, i have gym tomorrow too. im debating whether i should join the nonswimmer program so i dont have to do all the tough exercises that regular swimming does. of course i can swim, but nonswimmer is soooooo easy. yeah, maybe i will do it. im such a lazy bastard.

friday is my road test... hopefully i'll convince mom to let me stay home from school.

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[19 Sep 2004|07:37pm]
[ mood | good ]

last week was garbage. the days seemed fairly short, but the week overall was total hell. i cant stand physics, and calculus just sucks. of course i'm whining like a little girl, but thats what LJ is for, so shut up.

what can i say about this week? chaminade sucks. the entire first half of my day tomorrow is useless, so that shouldnt be too bad. my road test is friday. my parallel parking needs work.

this weekend was amazing. why? because i did absolutely nothing that involved leaving my house. on friday night i played some poker with the guys, but that doesnt count. saturday and sunday consisted of sleep, madden 05, and watching tv. relaxation was key. i really needed the rest after this week. for some reason ive been really anxious lately. i guess the pressure of school is getting to me. i'd better start applications soon before they bite me in the ass during november.

keep on truckin.

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[13 Sep 2004|09:17pm]
[ mood | wtf ]

for some insane reason of which i doubt i'll ever be aware, i've been given more homework this week than any other time at chaminade. its safe to say that this sucks. tomorrow i have PREP and i wont be home until 630, so that means i'll suffer even more delays in starting my damn essay. blah.

i havent touched my PS2 in days... i think i'm suffering withdrawal.

it's my goal to be in bed early (10PM) throughout the school year. forget that "early to bed, early to rise..." crap. i'm just tired. if i can be asleep by 9 or 930, waking up at 6 or 630 would be no problem. i can watch my morning edition of pokemon, maybe watch some infomercials, and all that other great stuff. now that i mention disgraceful morning TV, i havent seen jerry springer in a while. it looks like my next chance will be columbus day; after that i'll rely on "weather emergencies" to cancel hell for a day so i can watch my trailer trash tv.

college applications make me wet my pants. good night.

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wow [12 Sep 2004|07:55pm]
it's been both a physically and emotionally tiring week. unfortunately, i dont expect this week to be much better.

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sic transit aestas [07 Sep 2004|10:18pm]
... thus goes the summer

sadly enough, it all must come to an end eventually. it wasnt a monumental summer, but it wasn't a bust either. i cant imagine any vacation even comparing to 2001, '02, and '03.

i tried some new things, but maintained some old habits as well. it's only right that i recap the past months here. the follwing is in a rough chronological order:

-dominate comps and leave junior year with a 97.1
-finish driver's ed
-weekends out east
-springer with diesel
-anthony up from florida for a week and a half
-pizza twice a day for the duration of his stay
-cruising the hamptons in the cj
-clamming, fishing, and crabbing
-cruising queens
-sitting on the beach in torrential downpours with lightning
-messing with a hot girl at waldbaums
-mr softee and italian ice at the same time
-biking like crazy
-failed attempt at a trip to the sunshine state
-more time in the hamptons
-DFX revival
-intro to poker
-street football
-climbing the NHL 2k4 online ladder

of course there's more, but my mind is dead right now. i really dont wanna go back to chaminade, but at the same time i wanna get my senior year over with. eh, whatever.

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and then frances looked at florida and said, "KAPOW, bitch" [02 Sep 2004|03:21pm]
[ mood | cyclonic ]

3 weeks after hurricane charley laid the smackdown on florida's west coast, hurricane frances bears down from the east. the upcoming storm is twice charley's size and will most likely be stronger at landfall.

charley caused the most damage in the port charlotte area, where i have family and visit almost every summer. frances may very well lay a beating on vero beach, where we used to own a home. something tells me that it's a good thing we sold that place...

anyways, i'm into all this weather stuff... im not too sure why, but it fascinates me. here's to you, low pressure systems developing in the tropical atlantic.

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rapid-fire recap of my day [31 Aug 2004|11:30pm]
got textbooks for school

bike to al's



hang out


taco bell


night time football



headache throughout



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the chaos theory [30 Aug 2004|08:37pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

i spent sunday out in the hamptons. unfortunately, i didnt go crabbing or clamming because the tides were at inconvenient times. we were on the boat for a few hours during the day, so that was fun. it really didnt seem windy but for some reason the surf was unusually rough.

last night i watched the butterfly effect. a few people told me that it was bad, but others told me it was great, so i wasnt sure what to expect. it turned out to be an awesome movie... i really enjoyed it. i'm not one to actually "get something" out of a movie, like learn a lesson or experience some sort of epiphany, but the butterfly effect really makes me wonder about my actions. one small act can have a phenomenal effect on the future. anyways, as my mind went off in a million directions wondering about this movie, i realized that burning bridges is, well, really... bad. therefore, i'm going to resolve any old conflicts. i'm going to apologize to all the people i've hurt. even if this does absolutely nothing for me and has no bearing on my life or even anyones life in the future, at least i didnt end on bad terms with anyone. i dont have to be everyone's friend, but it's nice to know that i'm not anyone's enemy.

i was tossing and turning in bed until 1 am. i woke up at 530. i'm tired, dammit.

that's all for today.

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[27 Aug 2004|10:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

in all honesty, im pretty sure that at least half of my days this summer were spent doing absolutely nothing. how awesome is that? mostt people, the ones with lives, would tell me that my lack of plans is horrible, but really, isnt it what summer is all about? june, july, and august are all about doing nothing simply because you can. technically there's not a single thing that you have to do during the summer. no school means no responsibility. of course i've had my weekends out in the hamptons, week with anthony, days out biking... whatever, and those are cool, but doing nothing at all just has an amazing feeling. sure, i get bored, but it's better than homework and school.

with that said, i did nothing today-- that is, nothing that involved leaving my cozy home. i got out of bed at 1045, watched jerry springer with diesel, played some madden, watched amc with mom, and then maddenized for the rest of the day. as of 5 minutes ago, my fantasy drafted NYG are 12-0, leading the league in all aspects of offense. by the way, this is on pro difficulty. mike vick is the greatest QB everrrrrrrrrrr.

speaking of amc (all my children), alexa havins is so hot. call me a homo for watching soap operas with my mom, but i feel that i have at least 3 legitimate reasons:
1. half-way decent quality time with mom. it's something we can relate to.
2. once you start watching these shows, you get hooked.
3. the girls are incredibly beautiful, especially that havins girl.

tomorrow could be one of the rare summer days when i actually leave my house. the moon must be full or something. i'm also planning a final hamptons getaway next week. i'm on a mission to clam and crab like no man has ever done before. the crabs are monsters at this time of the year, and clams, well, their just so easy to get.

OH MAN! i almost forgot! minus georgetown, all of my college apps are here. i wonder when i'll actually fill them out.......

that'll be it for today. have a good one.

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::THE RAW DEAL:: reborn [26 Aug 2004|11:54pm]
without reason, i deleted every single entry in my LJ today. time to start fresh.

what the hell happened to summer? august is over already? back to nade in a week and a half? this sucks. i cant say that this summer was a waste, but time moves too fast. it feels like only last week i was studying for comps. august was my last totally free month until like, may. no, i'm not just talking about school, i'm talking abut applications, SATs, all that garbage. i know, i know... i should have started this month. im the king of procrastination.bah... i just feel like complaining. yeah for LJ being my outlet.

madden 05 is awesome. i love fantasy drafting so much.

mike vick is THE MAN.

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